What Makes CONTENTSERV Unique?

We bridge the gap between IT and Business – We bring the two worlds together:


With high-end MDM functionalities like: Golden Record creation, match & merge, versioning & audit trails, business rules, and import & export staging

CONTENTSERV offers a high-end, fully scalable architecture complete with a polyglot persistence strategy across Oracle, Cassandra, Orient DB, Neo4J, and Swift.

Optimized to work in a high-availability environment (and optionally across multiple datacenters), with full monitoring, minimum downtime and disaster recovery.

We speak IT jargon and understand its’ daily necessity.

We also have a highly reliable and future-proof infrastructure component that acts as a central data hub across the organization.


With business-driven and out-of-the-box (OOTB) features like: Content Marketing, Context Marketing, Product Information Management, Integrated Media Asset Management, & Multichannel Publishing.

CONTENTSERV offers an end-to-end system providing all functions for integrated product marketing & communication, all the way down to managing promotions & campaigns!

High-end Usability - Comfort and efficiency features such as multi-device support, dashboards, tooltips, drag & drop and previews for output channels

We speak marketing jargon and understand its’ daily necessity!

We drive your business by providing the best customer experience on the market with a user-friendly system that makes working in it enjoyable.

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CONTENTSERV – Simultaneously Strategic, Fast ‘n’ Easy

CONTENTSERV is a solution where IT and Business both reach their goals.

Contentserv Solution, portfolio

Manage your Challenges with the Unique Solution by Contentserv

Unique for IT Needs

IT and Master Data Management (= MDM) has long been introspective

Find sources of data across the organization. Unify them with a common taxonomy and attribute model. Create Golden Records, maximize data quality, and ensure process security. Connect all of the systems back together. Done. But why are Marketing and the other business departments not using it?

While the IT problem could be solved, business users across the organization seem to have a lack of understanding and acceptance. But why?

Classic MDM systems are complex and complicated. They look exactly like large ERP systems: Rigid unattractive and not user-friendly – but solving the IT organizational purpose.

With CONTENTSERV you can do both

Build a strategic hub for master data management, creating one publication engine that centralizes complex and error-prone publishing – while at the same time, inspiring business users across the organization.
With ergonomic, intuitive and attractive user interfaces and built-in best practice functionalities, you can also prepare master data for future needs in order to secure a sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring a superior customer experience.

Next generation Master Data Management is extrospective. It is about providing consistent, meaningful and context-optimized master data to every channel and every customer need that one might think of.

Unique for Business Needs

Are your innovative solutions and ideas constantly sabotaged by IT? Maybe it is because many front-end systems are agency-driven software, built like tinker toys. What looks good at first glance, might collapse under its façade at the first sign of strong winds.

The Foundation: Perfect Product Experience

Product Experience Management means each customer gets their product selection presented in the most ideal way to meet the needs of their current situation, the device & touchpoint that they are using, as well as for meeting their personal preferences.

With CONTENTSERV, managing huge product assortments with tailor-made marketing messages in many languages becomes a piece of cake.

The Goal: Optimized Customer Experience

The concept of Customer Experience – the optimization of communication based on audience and context – has been largely driven by Web CMS systems, nowadays referred to as Web Experience Management solutions. The concept has a proven track record of success that expresses itself in higher sales and superior customer satisfaction. Now it is time to bring the concept of Customer Experience to the next level, by fueling great Customer Journeys with great product data!

CONTENTSERV allows you to design the solution of your dreams, while getting full support from engineers that know how to build something that will last.

And – aside from the product – what sets us apart from the competitors?

 A company vision dedicated to real customer experience

 A scalable solution – you can start small and if you want, you can also grow big with us

 A partner network and best practice acceleration packages for chosen verticals

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The Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time

Ensured Customer Experience –
thanks to the right context-based marketing data!

  • Contextualize everything easily: Images, descriptions, prices, technical data, charts, product-to-product relationships – anything can be contextualized for optimally targeted marketing! This allows you to manage themes with optimized media asset variants. Create content that focuses on and adjusts to your audience’s needs.
  • Manage Buyer Personas and Define Parameters: Easily manage your buyer personas to highlight common audience profiles and create situations that set up corresponding environmental parameters.
  • Preview for context and audience: At any given time, take a sneak peek at how a given buyer persona will view the content in a specific situation.

Real-time Delivery across all Channels –
Proven and Tested

  • Supply Content for every Case: Provide all your content in real-time and adjusted to channels, audiences and situations.
  • Deliver Flexible Formats: Choice of providing data (XML, JSON) or pre-formatted layouts (HTML, PDF) with on-the-fly rendering by the built-in template engine.
  • Be prepared for Future Challenges: Real-time delivery is a huge technological challenge! On the technical side: We make real-time delivery work safely with unlimited scalability, using cluster technology. On the business side: We ensure smooth operations, easy to use processes and great user experience.

Simple and User-Friendly –
Usage and Configuration

  • Outstanding Usability: Contentserv is so easy to use that every product manager and marketer is able to create context-aware product information and multichannel outputs without the support of specialized IT departments.
  • Simple Configuration: New attributes, output formats and context-specific setup can be configured visually and without IT expertise. This is where an Enterprise PIM system really makes the difference!
  • Comprehensive approach: With one system that stores everything, digitalize your entire product communication – you won’t need data, system and process silos anymore! Contentserv includes: PIM, DAM, Editorial Content, Promotion and Campaign Solutions - all in one system.

Learn more about the benefits and get a first impression of the system:

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Experience How the Contentserv Solution Works













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