PIM – Drive better product experience

Bring together product information from multiple sources and lay the foundation for amazing multichannel product communication. Expand your PIM system to meet growing customer demands, speed time to market and drive better business results than ever before! Easily conquer the increasing challenges of data quality management and marketing integration.

Key Elements of our PIM solution

The most powerful Product Information Management meets unmatched usability, flexibility and scalability.


Save time by bringing data from multiple data pools, ERP systems, vendors & suppliers together with our automated data onboarding.

Resolve conflicting content for easy data cleansing and creation of golden records thanks to state-of-the-art Master Data Management features.


Enhance and refine your product data: Enrich your products and build data relationships to create product families, cross-selling opportunities, and parts lists.

Seamlessly integrate digital content including graphics, icons, videos and more – for the most visually-compelling product presentations.

Collaborate & Approve

Create easy-to-use workflows, task management and intuitive interfaces.

Allow individuals across multiple teams to easily collaborate: contribute and approve product information as efficiently as possible – for faster time-to-market!


Automate publication across all of your marketing and sales channels.

Collaboration is also part of the process – giving you peace-of-mind that the same, up-to-date product content is released & published across all output channels. This includes e-commerce, marketplaces, catalogs, POS materials and so much more!

Search & Find

Share access to product information and related assets with the ability to quickly search & find the desired data.

Make product content available at any time – for faster team collaboration and accurate communication. Add external partners with one click – eliminating the confusion of emails and attachments.

Want to Make the Most out of Your Product Data? Our Team is here to help! We are:

Customer-driven           〉 Technology-leading            〉 Globally positioned

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PIM Key benefits

Our technology-leading PIM solution facilitates the best product experience available on the market – learn more about our end-to-end solution for all of your product information and marketing needs.

Launch products faster than ever

Reduce returns significantly

Boost margins considerably

Increase revenue remarkably

Key Features and Modules

Integrated Workflow Management

Seamlessy integrate users, workflows and third party systems on a collaborative central platform.

Translation Management

Manage multiple languages for all output channels centrally and highly automated.

Product Data Editing & Management

Reduce manual effort and ensure consistency thanks to powerful inheritance & data transfer.

Digital Asset Management

Seamlessly and consistently integrate all digital assets to the PIM.

Data Onboarding

Automate onboarding of data from ERP systems, suppliers and data pools.

Data Quality

Ensure Data Quality by high-end functionalities for rule-based classification, matching and linking.

Data Offboarding

Supply targeted, channel-optimized, consistent and quality-assured product information.

Manage the Context

Profit from an open entity model for precise and contextual data modeling.

Powered by Elasticsearch

Gain usability from faceted search & filtering / bookmarks & collections.

Powered by Graph DB

Associate and relate data objects via a NoSQL data base and allow simple and fast retrieval of complex hierarchical structures.

Product-to-Product Variants

Our best practice data model gives you out of the box support for PID - SKU variants.

Real-time Data Delivery

Deliver product information for interactive channels in real-time.


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Success Stories


1. Powerful Product Information Management

Stores and maintains product information so that it can be shared with partners and drive promotion and ecommerce systems.

2. Proven Master Data Management

Fuels real-time business systems with accurate, golden records sourced from supplier data, data pools and ERPs.

» Learn more about Master Data Management

3. Contextual Marketing Management

Delivers customized, contextual promotional content and campaigns through all your selling channels.

» Learn more about Marketing Management

Want to Make the Most out of Your Product Data? Our Team is here to help! We are:

Customer-driven         〉 Technology-leading          〉 Globally positioned

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