Excel is a thing of the past – Mitsubishi subsidiary MMC Hartmetall positions itself for the future

Well-Equipped for the Future with Precision in Product Data

MMC Hartmetall, a specialist of precision tools, together with implementation partner Osudio, is introducing CONTENTSERV’s innovative software.

MMC Hartmetall - a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials

Munich, Feb. 23rd, 2018: For over 30 years, MMC Hartmetall GmbH, based in Meerbusch, Germany (near Düsseldorf) has been selling precision tools and complete, integrated solutions for the metalworking industry, including automotive, aerospace, medical technology sectors and others. MMC Hartmetall is a subsidiary of the Japanese Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and European headquarters of their Cutting Tools division. Now the company has decided to develop a future-oriented digitization

MMC Hartmetall

Mitsubishi subsidiary MMC Hartmetall relies on Contentserv in the product communication of its innovative tools

strategy with its partners Contentserv and Osudio in order to be perfectly prepared for market requirements.

Improvement of Data & Content Management

MMC Hartmetall GmbH is the European headquarters of the Japanese parent company Mitsubishi, representing them in the European market. With over 50 years of industry experience and headquarters in Japan, the USA, Asia and Europe, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation is one of the leading companies in the production and machining of metals, cutting materials, coatings and precision tools.

The subsidiary MMC Hartmetall has now reached a point in product communication that requires an optimization of data and content management. The company’s product range for turning, milling and drilling tools is broad: MMC Hartmetall has to manage around 125,000 part numbers. Previously, the product data was maintained with Excel. The result was fragmented and often redundant data processing. With Contentserv’s innovative Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, these days are over. Uniform data management ensures the perfect foundation for successful and sustainable product communication.

Estanislao Montesinos Gomez, Group Leader of the Media Team & Head of PIM Product Information Management at MMC Hartmetall, comments on the project with Contentserv and Osudio: “Step by step and with agile working methods, we will continue major steps towards digital transformation and industry 4.0 with Osudio and Contentserv.”

A Tool With Game-Changing Quality

MMC Hartmetall now integrates technology-leading software from Contentserv into its processes for product communication and data maintenance. The tool manufacturer was won over by the user-friendliness of the modern, flexible solution and its high scalability. In addition to a full web client model, PIM, DAM and Translation Management System (TMS), the tool offers all features to guarantee excellent data quality. Now nothing is standing in the way of future-oriented data management at MMC Hartmetall.


Your point of contact for product and customer questions is Michael Kugler, Managing Director of Contentserv GmbH – T: +49 89 219 099 250, Mail: info@contentserv.com.

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About Our Partner, Osudio Deutschland GmbH

Osudio is part of the SQLI Group and one of Europe’s largest e-business specialists. With 20 years of e-business experience, we know what works, what doesn’t and what really promotes growth in this business area. Many of our national and international customers are among the market leaders in their industry and we play our part in ensuring that this remains the case. Osudio helps you reach your B2B and B2C customers via a seamless buying experience across all sales channels. With our know-how in product information management (PIM) we create the right basis for an Omni-Channel presence which also includes print. The result is an e-commerce solution that creates the perfect brand experience and increases sales.


Excel is a thing of the past – Mitsubishi subsidiary MMC Hartmetall positions itself for the futureCarra Enthaler19. March 2018 June 4th, 2018
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