MDM – How to manage Master Data from Multiple Domains

Improve and automate data quality assurance with our sophisticated Master Data Management solution. Create master records that enable customer-ready marketing presentations for all of your sales and partner channels. Thanks to complete, consistent and context-optimized master data, secure a sustainable competitive advantage and ensure superior customer experience.

Key Elements of our MDM solution

Automate data integration and quality assurance with our contextual multi-domain solution.


Easily connect with diverse data sources and multiple ERPs. 

Integrate suppliers of any size and sophistication, legacy databases or real-time inputs (flat data, XML, JSON, proprietary web services).





Engage and collaborate with partners, suppliers and channels.

Partners have a guided path for providing and editing information ensuring business data is accurate and up-to-date.


Create rules and automations to manage collaborations and data while ensuring data quality and completeness.

Annotate and rank products guaranteeing they are appropriately placed or excluded from inventories and promotions.


Perform completeness checks with automated detection of faulty data and data conflicts.

Apply best practices for Master Data Management, enabling data stewards to match, merge, and cleanse data to create golden records. Route records back to suppliers and partners for collaborative conflict resolution.


Continuously reconcile current and refreshed data to improve golden records.

Gain total control when selectively coupling or decoupling supplier and master catalogs.


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MDM Key benefits

Our innovative solution facilitates the best product experience available on the market – learn more about our end-to-end solution for all of your master data and marketing needs.

Create golden records easily

Ensure overall consistency effortlessly

Seamlessly integrate multiple data pools

Increase data quality remarkably

Key Features and Modules

Data Onboarding

Automate onboarding of data from ERP systems, suppliers and data pools.

Integrated Workflow Management

Engage your suppliers with an easy-to-use collaborative platform.

Data Quality

Ensure data security thanks to powerful data quality and cleansing rules.

Golden Records

Create perfect data records from conflicting sources.

Update Management & Version Control

Prevent deterioration of data quality by unsolicited supplier updates.

Supplier Onboarding

Design tailor-made endpoints for small (manual), medium (file upload) and large (connector-based) suppliers.

Data Control

Flexibly decouple / couple both supplier and master catalogs at the field level for maximum data control.

Rich Content Integration

Join digital assets and rich content from agencies, content aggregators and freelancers.

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1. Powerful Product Information Management

Stores and maintains product information so that it can be shared with partners and drive promotion and ecommerce systems.

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2. Proven Master Data Management

Fuels real-time business systems with accurate, golden records sourced from supplier data, data pools and ERPs.

3. Contextual Marketing Management

Delivers customized, contextual promotional content and campaigns through all your selling channels.

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Want to Make the Most out of Your Product Data? Our Team is here to help! We are:

 Customer-driven        Technology-leading          Globally positioned

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