MXM – for future-proof contextual Product marketing

Orchestrate your marketing and communication processes highly automated and with unrivalled flexibilty. Our Marketing Management solution is at the leading edge of marketing automation providing contextual audience targeting and customized experiences across all campaign categories and sales channels. Built on a PIM and MDM foundation, product information intersects user behavior and motivates purchase decisions.

Key Elements of our MXM solution

Accelerate, simplify and empower all promotional and marketing content processes and achieve top performance of your marketing activities.


Create marketing-driven data collections such as bundles, sets, shop-the-look and interactive promotions.

Use solution specific features including: built-in topic, tag and situational functionalities to create sophisticated promotions with the most relevant content.


Collaborate and manage editorial calendars, content campaigns, and product advertising plans to drive and meet long-term marketing goals.

Organize marketing activities by arranging work, maintaining cadence, and keeping track of marketing campaigns with powerful filtering options – all within one screen. Ideal for marketers working in a highly regulated environment.

Execute & Deliver

Create dynamic and user-responsive promotions for different target groups, locations and campaign types. Publish to print or deliver personalized interactions.

Build a meaningful promotional product experience for a given market segment by accessing marketing and physical articles all in one screen. Ideal for ecommerce and physical stores wanting to influence customer engagement.

Measure & Monitor

Measure marketing product performance. Track and share marketing performance across all channels, execute A/B testing, report campaign and promotion KPIs.

Configure different views for cross functional team members to provide better visibility and enable fact and data driven decision making.

Learn & Improve

With our solution, continuously improve your marketing by measuring interactions and creating meaningful associations between customers, contexts, locations, products, personal tastes, seasonality, and much more.

Use the buyer persona functionality within the solution to include market learnings about a given segment and improve targeting as a result.

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MXM Key benefits

Marketing Management for promotions and personalized, real-time interactive shopping


Coordinate all content processes centrally

Deliver the right products, with the right information, at the right time

Provide a personalized product experience

Deliver relevant marketing content, optimized by channel

Key Features and Modules

Virtual Products

Simply create virtual products such as bundles, sets, shop-the-look and recipes.

Dynamic Promotions

Achieve dynamic, rapidly-changing promotions for every context.


Use and apply options for hyperlocation and cluster-based (micro-) targeting.

Content Marketing

Topic-based content marketing triggered by events and marketing calendars.

Customized Communication

Personalized, tailor-made interactions & presentations based on persona features, situation and channels.


Real-time promotions, that take availability, supplier preference and more into account

Artificial Intelligence

Learning systems create associations and affinities between products & targets / customers.

Publication Management

Whiteboard & Composer with variants management for high-automation print or page-based output.

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Success Stories


1. Powerful Product Information Management

Stores and maintains product information so that it can be shared with partners and drive promotion and ecommerce systems.

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2. Proven Master Data Management

Fuels real-time business systems with accurate, golden records sourced from supplier data, data pools and ERPs.

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3. Contextual Marketing Management

Delivers customized, contextual promotional content and campaigns through all your selling channels.

Want to Make the Most out of Your Product Data? Our Team is here to help! We are:

Customer-driven          Technology-leading          Globally positioned

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