Forward-Thinking Solutions for the Retail Industry

Efficiently fulfill the highly complex expectations of versatile customers

Retailers need to be creative while focusing on Customer Experience

In the Retail industry, merchants need to be forward-thinking as they face highly complex expectations from versatile, hyper-connected customers. They must find new ways to test and rapidly discover which solution works best and which trends are going to be next – either offline, online, at POS or on any mobile device.

Due to hyperconnectivity and demand pressures, retail companies need to offer their customers the right choice of products at the right time through the use of highly targeted messages. The resulting complexity is not only due to providing consistent data, but also to managing variants for different Buyer Personas and real-time optimization for a personalized Customer Experience. Thus, the need for centralized Product Information Management and real-time Multichannel Management has become highly visible.

Our Retail Solution helps you implement a successful enterprise strategy for your digital transformation, by:

  • Resolving data and information silos that are restricting your organization
  • Collecting and onboarding data from different suppliers or data pools in a variety of qualities and formats, then
  • Turning the collected information into an accurate and standardized product data pool, and
  • Publishing it across all channels and touch points, ideally based on rich and relevant product content
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Manage Omnichannel Marketing at its Best

Speed-up global market penetration by providing local information via a globally centralized platform


Overtake the Competition

What differentiates best-in-class companies from average performers? Often, it’s industry-specific software that is based on best practices, processes, and preconfigured data models. This software accelerates project implementation, creates faster ROI and assures that your business users get the exact functionality needed to help them quickly and easily perform their daily work.

Contentserv´s Retail Solution helps you soar to the next level of success, by:

  • Continuously improving customer experience in an omnichannel mode
  • Creating and maintaining a central repository for all product-related content, thereby ensuring consistently perfect Customer Experience
  • Creating an intelligent Product Experience tailored to all information including: product master data, digital assets, story-telling content and much more!

Quality Management for Product Content

Use our Data Quality Management feature to get a quick overview of which data needs improvement in order to deliver perfect data quality for your marketing communication. Data Quality Gates ensure that only approved and best quality content goes public.

Consistency through Digitalization

Considering the enormous impact that new digital technologies and channels have on consumer and retail goods, data quality and consistency are no longer optional – they are must-haves!

Global Market Success

Manage all translations simultaneously for your international and multichannel campaigns – become faster and more efficient in new global markets and save money by translating only once. This is a tremendous advantage that enables you to leap ahead of the competition.

Less Product Returns – More Customer Satisfaction

Accurate and complete product information across all channels will result in better customer purchase decisions and will therefore reduce the amount of product returns – avoiding return costs and generating satisfied customers.

Big Savings

Produce more marketing output across all channels – faster and more affordably – utilizing limited resources more efficiently than ever before!

Data-driven Experience

Maintain relevant content easily for all output channels, target groups and countries within one central data pool via our PIM, DAM and Content Database.

Golden Record & Single Point of Truth

Manage data just once for multiple uses across all channels. Integrated systems enable you to automate, streamline and distribute product information at the simple push of a button!

Social Influence

Retailers need to understand how to engage with buyers according to their mood, context, time allocated for shopping, and specific needs, in order to provide a seamless Customer Experience and adapt their services to new ways of interacting.

Manage your Omnichannel Business

Our multichannel interfaces are ready to use! Connect your central Content Marketing Database to all other existing solutions, such as e-Commerce, CMS and other available marketing solutions.


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Insights into the Contentserv Retail Solution

Weekly Promotion Management

Time-to-market is an important topic for retail companies. Before the arrival of players like H&M or Amazon retailers were promoting 2 to 4 collections on average per year. Now every time they visit a preferred brand’s website or store, customers are expecting many more new items than ever before!

Contentserv supports your Promotion Management to help you:

  • Increase your number of collections per season and simultaneously reduce time expenditures for planning and distribution
  • Increase viability with fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) that only stay in stores or online for a few days or weeks

Fast ‘n’ Easy Product Onboarding

Contentserv´s Supplier Portal guarantees best product content to help you:

  • Simplify onboarding of supplier product information from multiple systems, thereby improving quality and eliminating errors
  • Enrich suppliers’ data through automations and business rules, making it ready to sell across multiple channels
  • Provide efficient, highly automated on-boarding processes that will have a significant impact on your business performance and competitive advantage
  • Streamline time-to-market by quickly publishing information across all necessary channels
  • Due to the centralized repository, even last minute changes to data can be easily accommodated

High Quality Content is Selling

Emotional and accurate product information is the most important prerequisite to selling goods via e-commerce! We help you:

  • Manage complete, high quality content like images, videos, technical information and story-telling content about your products, in order to stage a unique customer experience.
  • Save time and money with our comfort and efficiency functions, such as inheritance, version management and intelligent text rules, while also ensuring that maximum data consistency is published across all channels.
  • Get a quick overview of your tasks and gain confidence in your professional communication’s perfect data quality with the help of our Data Quality tools.
  • Use our Data Quality tools to get a quick overview of your tasks and gain confidence in the perfect data quality of your professional communication.
  • With Data Quality Gates, ensure that only approved and best quality content is published.

Customer Experience

The Retail industry is one of the most affected industries

  • Big international retailers are investing heavily in data-driven, context-sensitive marketing. Smaller niche players are focusing on specialized topics and audiences.
  • A promotion-driven Software Solution like Contentserv that differentiates communication by audiences and situations is a must-have for safeguarding future success!
  • Process effectiveness will increase by offloading content preparation to suppliers so that retailers can focus on added value tasks, such as preparing content for each channel, target group, situation, and communicating increasingly via market places instead of own touchpoints.

All Channels – Online and Offline are yours!

  • Contentserv ensures that all of your centrally stored content is published and updated across all of your channels and outputs.
  • While you approve a new product or change a price or attribute, we syndicate product content to all internal and external systems – thereby improving your time-to-market.
  • Our software performs Omnichannel Management to provide consistent product information across all channels and touchpoints – so you have more time for creativity and strategic thinking!

Loyalty Drives Your Success

  • In the new digital age the ability to browse for the perfect product at the perfect price is effortless.
  • Retaining customers and earning their trust can only be achieved through positive experiences that make a lasting impression.
  • Many marketers realize the power of personalization, which is the key to winning over customers and turning them into repeat customers, but
  • Personalization is difficult when content and context are not properly managed within a single collaborative platform like Contentserv’s that helps you drive loyalty for marketers and their targeted customers.

Contentserv’s Software Solution gives you a competitive edge!

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Retail – Some of our Customers

By implementing CONTENTSERV, Retail companies can support a successful enterprise strategy for digital transformation and resolve data silos. Contentserv is your answer to the continuous evolution of connectivity and immersive interaction!

edeka logo
edeka logo

The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation, currently holding a market share of 26%. Founded in 1898, it consists today of several cooperatives of independent supermarkets all operating under the umbrella organisation Edeka Zentrale AG & Co KG, with headquarters in Hamburg. There are approximately 4,100 stores with the Edeka nameplate that range from small corner stores to hypermarkets.

AppelrathCüpper Logo
AppelrathCüpper Logo

With over 1,000 employees, the Reiner AppelrathCüpper Nachf. GmbH operates 13 apparel stores specializing in women’s fashion in addition to their online shop. The German company’s product assortment includes more than 150 upscale international brands.

Wesco Logo
Wesco Logo
Weltbild Logo
Weltbild Logo

The Augsburg based company Weltbild is one of the largest internet, book and media retail companies in Europe. Millions of customers are drawn to Weltbild via online shops, direct marketing, brick and mortar shops and social networks. Among the online bookselling sector, is number 2 on the market. They are number 3 in the area of digital books, which is a growing segment thanks to the successful tolino alliance which they co-founded.

Eurobaustoff Logo
Eurobaustoff Logo

With 42,000 Employees at 1,430 locations and a sales area of over 223 million m², Eurobaustoff Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is Europe’s largest cooperation of mid-sized specialty dealers. 507 shareholders generate sales of over 13 billion € and have an assortment of over 1.2 million articles.

Jungheinrich Logo
Jungheinrich Logo
Koelle Zoo Logo
Koelle Zoo Logo

Kölle-Zoo is a German mid-sized retail group. With over 35,000 m² of shop area, Kölle-Zoo offers around 25,000 products via their online shop and in 14 specialty markets, making them one of the largest specialty pet stores in the world. Their products include a continuously updated assortment of: Aquariums, Garden Ponds, Terrariums, Dogs, Cats, Birds and Small Animals.

Pflanzen Koelle Logo
Pflanzen Koelle Logo

Pflanzen-Kölle is a mid-sized German trade group that sells plants, garden furniture and garden supplies as well as pet supplies in their stores and via their online shop. The traditional, family-owned company is headquartered in Heilbronn and has 1,550 employees.

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