Contentserv and EnterWorks Launch Silicon Valley Co-Innovation Lab (CIL)

The two leading PIM and MDM firms invest in a joint initiative to scale global innovation, explore advanced technologies, and accelerate market introduction of new software solutions.
Co-Innovation Lab

Contentserv and Enterworks Launch Silicon Valley Co-Innovation Lab (CIL)

Baar, Switzerland/ Sterling, VA: Armin Dressler, CEO of Contentserv, and Rick Chavie, CEO of EnterWorks, announced today that the two companies will cooperate on advanced technology development in their Silicon Valley Co-Innovation Lab (CIL) to bring to market innovations that will benefit their respective Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions. Contentserv was recently recognized as a top-innovator by and received the Financial Times’ “FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” award. EnterWorks was awarded the Frost & Sullivan 2017 North American Product LeadershipAward for its MDM/PIM solution. Both have been acknowledged by industry analysts as strong contributors in their respective markets with EnterWorks being well-established in North America and Contentserv being recognized as a pacesetter in Europe and Asia.

“There are important learnings from tech firms who ‘cooperate to compete,” said Chavie. “The Microsoft/Intel relationship might be one of the best-known examples of such coopetition. We have had occasion for brainstorming sessions with Contentserv on this topic and concluded that opening a shared Co-Innovation Lab is a way for us to put less agile legacy competitors in our rear-view mirror. EnterWorks and Contentserv both have strong customer bases, operating globally out of our core regions, yet bring diverse perspective on the evolution of advanced technology in our market space. I am excited about this co-launch and how it will accelerate bringing new ideas to market.”

“Innovation is in our genetic code and is one of the most important challenges to solve for any company,” added Dressler. “Yet, the future is coming at us ever faster making it even more arduous. It was important for us to bring a like-minded partner, of similar size, who understood our market; it was very clear that EnterWorks was THE company we should work with. By jointly opening the Co-Innovation Lab in the heart of Silicon Valley, we will ensure that a steady stream of ideas will get brought to market faster to benefit our clients. By leveraging synergies between our talent, teams, and tech, we will be in a position to double our innovation, break the status quo, and impact the market.”

The companies are expecting to use the CIL to advance their interests in a variety of emerging tech areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and IoT, while also serving as a joint technology center to present their ideas to customers, partners, and industry analysts.

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Contentserv and EnterWorks Launch Silicon Valley Co-Innovation Lab (CIL)Leonie Kola1. June 2018 June 6th, 2018
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