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Enterprise PIM Solution - Welcome to the Big Leagues!

No matter which products or services you offer: The more touchpoints and international markets you supply, the larger the difficulties in managing product information for large assortments. With the added complexity of Content Marketing, your problem soon becomes unmanageable without a PIM Solution.

The Enterprise PIM Solution by Contentserv helps you to maintain and distribute your product data and product communication into all channels and touch points – thus enabling you to take the lead over your competitors by working as efficiently as possible. At the same time, you can improve the quality of your output and communication as we provide you with a more intelligent way of communicating with your individual target groups and customers.

What does modern Product Information Management (PIM) stand for?

  • High-quality results: The supply of online and offline media is managed not only at extraordinary speed but also with consistent, quality-assured information.
  • Golden record & single point of truth: Make changes only once and update information across all channels at the simple push of a button.
  • Big savings: Produce more marketing output faster and using fewer resources than ever before.
  • Up-to-date: Product innovations or promotions can be deployed quickly with integrated campaign management supported by a sophisticated workflow and task management.
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The PIM Solution for Enterprise Demands

Easy data maintenance:

Extensive and complex product data can quickly and easily be managed online with only a web browser needed. No client installation, no IT problems.

Central database:

Relevant content can be easily centrally maintained across all output channels, target groups and countries via our PIM, DAM and Content Database for product information, text and media assets such as videos, graphics and images.

Global market success:

Manage all translations for your international product communication and campaigns simultaneously  – for all market and compliance needs – be faster and more efficient in new global markets than your competition and save money while translating only once.

Manage your omni-channel business:

Our Multichannel Connectors are ready to use and allow you to connect the PIM System to other existing applications such as e-Commerce, CMS and all other available marketing solutions.

Integrate our solution into your existing environment:

Contentserv connects to your existing solutions like ERP, PLM, and CRM with standard connectors and a powerful framework of APIs and performance import and export syndication solutions.

Quality Management for your product content:

Use our Data Quality Management to get a quick overview of what you have to work on in order to have the perfect data quality for your communication. Data quality gates ensure that only approved and high-quality content is published.

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PIM Dashboard in the Enterprise PIM

The launch of a high-value PIM Solution provides your company with far more positive advantages than just clean and well-arranged Data Management:

  • Speed & Flexibility: With Contentserv increase your competitive edge by dramatically shortening time-to-market phases in all regions and countries. Thus enabling you with fast and flexible timely market changes.
  • Cost Savings: Save a myriad of time, resources and ultimately money during data maintenance, translation, coordination and distribution.
  • Monitoring Data Quality: Now you can always keep an eye on the performance and efficiency of your progress through data quality index and dashboard evaluations. With just one click you can start to improve your data quality, and thanks to approval workflows and quality gates, only qualified content will reach your customers.
  • Brand Awareness & Visibility: Present your company and your products professionally and uniformly across all media and countries and improve your brand awareness
  • Simple & Smart Communication: Reduce system complexity by centralizing content and contextualization within a central content engine.
  • Learning System: Use synergies and learn across divisions, countries and brands
  • Product Communication Enrichment: Collect, visualize and capitalize on data collected across a multitude of channels   
  • Grow Customer Loyalty: With context-driven marketing, each customer gets the right products at the right time with the right message – i.e. a real customer experience and is therefore the best way to improve your customer loyalty.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Find more information about what makes Contentserv a unique PIM System, here:

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TRUST that we are proud of – and that gives you peace of mind

300,000 users in 89 countries already trust in Contentserv’s solutions and use our tools daily in various industries and branches.


Years of Experience






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Usability is our highest priority

The more complex the requirements, the more complex and confusing usability becomes and the more training is required. However, this is not the case with the Product Information Management (PIM) solution by Contentserv, a system that is designed to provide high user-friendliness and is actually one of the most intuitive PIM systems of all time.

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Proven Customer Satisfaction: Results from the Field

These numbers show how happy our customers are with the implementation of our PIM solution.   

PIM Scope of functions
& Technology

Distribution &
Output Channels

System Functionalities

Workflows &

& Acceptance

Vision &
Future Viability


Industry Know-how
& Customer References

& Support

Overall Evaluation 9 / 10

Would you like to learn more about the Contentserv Enterprise PIM Solution?  Experience how the solution works:

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