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End-to-End Solution for all your Product Information and Marketing Needs –
these Enterprise PIM Features are most frequently asked for by our Customers.

Vendor and Supplier onboarding

  • Quick and configuration-based deployment of supplier and vendor portals
  • Gradual hand-over of responsibilities for supplier and vendor scenarios
  • Channel performance insights for vendors and suppliers

Product Data Editing & Management

  • Easy to use and appealing, fully responsive multi-device user interface
  • Grid editing, bulk editing, merging and comparison in one smart and integrated interface
  • Advanced Search with similarity / fuzzy search and auto-matching for assigning relationships
  • Fully integrated Media and Text Asset Management
  • Instant channel previews and channel performance reports with option to adjust preview to a buying persona / situation perspective
  • Fully integrated Localization and Translation Management

Handling of Non-Product Entities and their Relationship with Products

  • Outlets and their product affinities
  • Suppliers / vendors and their product performance
  • Key accounts and their specific preferences
  • Buying Personas, representing audiences and customer clusters

Data Quality

  • Profile, match, improve, cleanse, protect and stage your data
  • Data Quality Gates take care that only perfect product data is getting to your organization and your channels
  • Provides advanced quality processes to cleanse and profile your data
  • Helps you to enhance the quality, availability, security and integrity of your data, through collaboration and automated business rules

Process Control: Orchestration and Compliance

  • Fully integrated Graphical Workflow Engine to improve digitalization of processes
  • Messaging and notifications according to responsibilities (RACI-VS model)
  • Dashboard for orchestrating workflows, tasks, data quality and reporting
  • Full version history, audit trail, archiving strategy and version rollback with merge strategy

Multichannel Performance for Collaborating (paid) Channels / Media

  • Splitting of products (PIDs) into sales (distinct SKUs) & marketing variants (same SKUs)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) via smart Text Asset Management
  • Marketplace Optimization (MpO) via intelligent Product Transformation (split sets to SKUs to virtual / contextual SKUs)

Multichannel Performance for Owned Channels / Media

  • Fully integrated Promotion & Campaign Management
  • Connectors to leading eCommerce solution and Web Experience Management solutions
  • Fully integrated Print Output Management with an easy-to-use Whiteboard

Multichannel Performance for Earned Channels / Media

  • Editorial Product Content Marketing for Social Media Awareness
  • Optimizing product content for audiences
  • Creating awareness with storytelling: Relevant and useful content

Contextual Data Management

  • Profound support of Context Marketing issues by product and attribute variants
  • Multidimensional attributes for configurable products and complex pricing
  • Managing of affinities for optimized marketing by audience / context / situation

Fully integrated DAM System (Digital Asset Management)

  • Seamlessly integrated media database is consistently connected to the PIM
  • Storing media files at one single location regardless of the output channel
  • Automatically generating the right format and resolution for any channel
  • Complete transparency over which medium was used, when and where
  • Providing the entire modification history

Fully integrated Workflow Management

  • Visualization of all processes with the Graphical Workflow Editor
  • Continuous monitoring of all parallel operations and ensuring that all relevant tasks are being carried out
  • Collaboration at its best: All involved parties can be centrally integrated into campaigns and projects
  • Automated Quality Assurance for compliant processes

Fully integrated Translation Management   

  • You manage all languages centrally for all output channels plus high-end interfaces to TMS like across and Trados
  • Ensuring that translated text elements don’t have to be translated again with the integrated translation memory
  • Continuous monitoring of all translation jobs & involved parties and tasks that all relevant translations will be carried out
  • highly automated translation processes will increase your speed and data quality

Architecture: Scaling and Performance

  • Multi Datacenter deployment option for a minimum latency global access
  • Fully scalable export staging area with triggered, scheduled and real-time data delivery
  • Fully scalable import staging area with bulk update interface and multi-supplier staging zones
  • Polyglot persistence for maximum scalability and performance

IT Strategy: Safety and Quick ROI

  • Simple migration from Cloud to On-Premise
  • Data Modeling and Visual Form Editing via user interface
  • Pre-packaged configurations for verticals and out-of-the box integrations
  • Full data model and data dump in readable format for system migration

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